Saturday, October 1, 2011

Money Campus is up on Facebook and Twitter

It all started from our sister blog Campus Cub : a blog on opportunities for freshers'', in which I blog about the opportunities available for freshers and those graduates who are perusing their final years and looking for an opening with different companies. Now I had come up with this blog Money Campus where I am trying my best to provide wonderful and most useful information on how it's visitor can know to make money online and several tips to save money for future. Though Money Campus is launched newly, I am determined that it will make it's mark very soon.

Though the blog mainly focuses on money making option online, at times we suggest you other several investment options though which you can be greatly benefited. Recently I had posted a blog on Public Provided Fund (PPF) and it's features, which is one of that kind. But very soon I would be blogging about the money making tip online through several ways. 

Well that's about the blog and the real purpose of this particular blog is that I would like to bring to your notice that we have gone online on Facebook and Twitter, through which you can share the information with your friends and others. I am also glad to announce the implementation of Facebook Like & Share buttons along with Twitter Tweet button, which would be placed at the end of every blog starting from this blog. Hope this will add a lot to your experience, hope you make use of these little gadgets as per your convenience.

Money Campus 

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