Monday, August 3, 2015

Online EFP Account Transfer Process

I keep hearing from many of friends, colleagues and family about the pending transfer of their EPF account from it's old Employer to new Employer. The reason could be issues with previous employer or current employer or the government or Our-self. Hoping that this article/blog might help you in addressing such issue. If you have any queries on this blog, please feel free to comment them on this blog. I shall try to add some value or guide you.

What is EPFO?
Employee Provident Fund Organization(EPFO) is an Indian Government body which comes under "Ministry of Labour and Employment". It is put in place to administer the mandatory Provident Scheme.

What is EPF Account?
Every employee who is paying EPF will have an EPF account tagged to him. As it is the employer who deducts the EPF amount and send it to government, every account number will be combination of both employer and employee details(Ex: /PY{StateCode}/KRP{RegionalEpfOfficeCode}/00/19214{EmployerCode}/82163{EmployeeCode}).

What is UAN Number?
Somewhere in the year 2014 Government of India has launched Universal Account Number for EPFO to enable PF number portability. To put it in simple words, to make our lives(only the EPF part) easy our government has come up with this new account number. All most all the employers would have already started giving out the UAN to employees, and if you have not received one, then contact your HR team immediately.

PF Transfer pending?
Not wasting any further time, we shall directly get into the problem. Recently government has decided that all the dormant PF accounts inactive for more than 3 years will not get any interest on the money. Which mean that you are loosing good amount of interest. Ignoring what could be the reason of the earlier failures, we should try the below series of steps to initiate the new transfer claim which i more organized. Please note that this blog talks about online process, which is possible only when both of your employers have registered their digital signatures online with EPFO

  1. Click on register at ""
  2. It will redirect you to ""
  3. Register yourself at members portal by providing all the details
  4. Once you are registered, login into member claims portal using the details used while registration at the website ""
  6. Enter the details on PART A/B/C
    • Please be sure to enter correct details as there are limits in entering wrong details and you might end up locking you account for few days
    • You can also update the details wherever the application allows you to do so, if you feel that they are incorrect
    • Please get in touch with HR if you see.doubt any issues
    • Select either previous/current employer under "claim attestation through", as it is mandatory to get your details attested through. I prefer the one who is readily accessible to you in case of any issues.
  7. Click on Preview button : Last option for you to crosscheck the details and correct them if any mistakes while filling the form
  8. Enter the CATCHPA and click on "GET PIN" to get a pin on your mobile number
  9. Enter the received pin on your mobile to submit the application
  10. Take a print out of the application and submit the details to the selected claim attestation establishment which you have selected earlier.
    • Keep checking the status to know the progress

So this is it friends, hoping that this article might help you to resolve your long pending PF account transfer pending since years.

Happy Money Saving.. :)
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Friday, October 21, 2011

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Money Campus is up on Facebook and Twitter

It all started from our sister blog Campus Cub : a blog on opportunities for freshers'', in which I blog about the opportunities available for freshers and those graduates who are perusing their final years and looking for an opening with different companies. Now I had come up with this blog Money Campus where I am trying my best to provide wonderful and most useful information on how it's visitor can know to make money online and several tips to save money for future. Though Money Campus is launched newly, I am determined that it will make it's mark very soon.

Though the blog mainly focuses on money making option online, at times we suggest you other several investment options though which you can be greatly benefited. Recently I had posted a blog on Public Provided Fund (PPF) and it's features, which is one of that kind. But very soon I would be blogging about the money making tip online through several ways. 

Well that's about the blog and the real purpose of this particular blog is that I would like to bring to your notice that we have gone online on Facebook and Twitter, through which you can share the information with your friends and others. I am also glad to announce the implementation of Facebook Like & Share buttons along with Twitter Tweet button, which would be placed at the end of every blog starting from this blog. Hope this will add a lot to your experience, hope you make use of these little gadgets as per your convenience.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Power PinBall on Money Campus : play for FUN

While you have read your favorite blog on MoneyCampus, if you feel that you have time to kill, then try our new PinBall game gadget to the top-right of the blog. The display looks small but good enough to play with and take some time to get loaded but I am sure that it would be ready by the time you are done reading the blog.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Public Provided Fund (PPF) : One of the Best

It all started when I was just watching a stupid program on my stupid box and playing with my 9 months old son. Mean while my Dad's phone rang and he attended it and had a quiet lengthy conversation. The person(in his 70's) speaking on the other end was inquiring about my son and about the investments we have made for him. During the call my Dad was told to open an PPF-Public Provided Fund Account as soon as possible.

Me and my Dad were wondering on what kind of Account it is, personally I have heard of Savings a/c all the time, then Current a/c occasionally, then about Recurring Deposit a/c only when a message popped up in my banks website, then about Provident Fund a/c which I got to know only when I joined into my first company. But never I had heard about this PPF Account, and neither my dad in fact. My Dad was telling me that the old guy to whom he had spoken just a while back in fact had an PPF a/c opened by their parents. And they had been opening this account since almost 3 generation in their family. We wondered and I tried to gather information on this kind of account. Then I was amazed to see that it was in existence and considered to be one of the best account in India, sponsored by it's Government. 

Here in this blog I would be helping the blogs visitors to understand the advantages of PPF Account completely. The PPF a/c could be opened in most of the Nationalized Banks or through Post Offices, But I personally suggest you to go for SBI as it even provides the facility of Online Transfer(most of you like this option...  isn't it..??). 

1. What is PPF account?
A: PPF stand for "Public Provident Fund", it's one of the best investment account offered by government of India through Nationalized Bank and Post Offices which I believe everyone should have it.

2. What are it's Uses?
A: It's uses are several, you yourself would know by the end of this article.

3. Who, How and where can you open the account?
A: Any one can open the account from anywhere and Anyone can open the account on behalf of minors to whom he is either Parent or Guardian. Anyone can open this account in most of the Nationalized Banks and Post Offices by submitting PPF account form along with 3 photos and an address proof and PAN card.
Suggestion: SBI is the best with online transfer facility.

4. What is the investment limit?
A: You can start investing from as low as 500 RS /year to a maximum of 70,000 RS /year. There is not restriction that you have to stick to an amount throughout the term. You can invest any amount between the above mentioned yearly.

5. Term of the account?
A: 15 years, does it look too long term? I bet you would be double happy by the end of that term. However you can extend the account for 5 years and make fresh Investments.

6. What is the Interest rates?
A: The interest is currently 8%, but it is subject to change as per the Government of India guidelines.

7. What about Withdrawals from the account in between?
A: There is lock in period of first 6 years, during which you can't withdraw any amount. From 7th year onward you can withdraw once a year, up-to 50% of the balance amount.

8. Can you get any loan from this account?
A: Yes, surely you can from the 3rd year. But, maximum loan amount would be maximum of 25% of the balance amount.

9. Can an NRI open PPF account?
A: Answer is sadly NO, this account is available to the residents of India.

10. What if PPF account holder becomes an NRI?
A: They can operate their PPF account through NRE(Non-Resident External) and NRO(Non-Resident Ordinary) accounts.

11. What about the Tax Benefit?
A: Yes, it's Yummy Yummy. You are entitled to full tax benefit as it's covered under 80C. Suppose you invest 70,000 RS /year and your income is 10,00,000 RS /year then you taxable amount would be 9,30,000 RS for that year.

12. Can you stop making any investment in between the term?
A: Yes, you can always do that. But, I don't suggest unless your are unable to pay the minimum amount of 500 RS /year. The balance amount would be payed with interest only after 15 years.

13. What if in case of death?
A: I wish you all readers have much longer life than me. Yet, I have to give details. You have to nominate at-least one person as nominee while opening the account. The nominee cannot continue the account after death.

Hope I have given sufficient information on PPF Account, now it's your turn to decide on whether you would like to open one or not. But, I strongly recommend to open one. Especially if you have a new born baby and want to invest money for his/her future, this would be an ideal/safe/guaranteed investment. If your kid is getting money from relatives and other(where in India it's a quiet common practice that elders give money to kids when they either visit out place or we visit their place), you can surely deposit this money into the kid's PPF account you opened. Else which would have been spent for other reasons or rather our wishes.
It's also doesn't have any constraint on the account holders that he should pay every yearly without fail or huge minimum amount, except that he had to pay a minimum amount of 500 RS and up-to a maximum of 70,000 RS.

If you still have any doubt's on this topic of discussion you can surely drop comments on this blog using a link available at the blog end. I would greatly appreciate if you comment your suggestion to improve this blog or any financial subject you want us to answer.